JST Multidrive

der Rollstuhl für neue Wege

 JST Multidrive in conversation with customers.

A report by Marcel Oertel.

We met Ms Knuchel, who has owned a Mountain Drive since December 2018, for a personal interview.

Ms Knuchel, how did you become aware of the wheelchair?

A mutual friend of mine and the inventor Andreas Jutzeler saw the Multidrive at the BEA 2018 in Bern and said to me, "Anita, you have to try the wheelchair". 

What was her first ride like? 

I was still a bit unsure on my first ride, but it was explained to me very well. Two gentlemen came with two wheelchairs. One of them drove in front and told me what to do. That took away my fear.

How quickly did they get to grips with the controls? 

Yes, it's very easy with the joystick. I used to drive a Karette on the farm with a similar joystick, so it was very easy for me to learn.

Where do you like to go with the Mountain Drive?

My favourite place is in the forest with the dogs. I used to go horse riding in the forest every day and the dogs were always with me. Now I just go with the wheelchair.

How does the environment react to the wheelchair?

Yes, they say it's good, it's like a Ferrari. Often visitors take me for a walk and they are usually more afraid than I am, because they don't know and often don't know what the wheelchair can do. 

Are you satisfied with the possibilities the Mountain Drive offers?

Yes, I am very satisfied, I would have preferred it to be a bit lower, but it is an outdoor vehicle comparable to a mountain bike. And you have a lot of possibilities, you can get everywhere. Except in shops, where it is sometimes very narrow.

Do you feel safe?

Yes, very much, I never have the feeling that it could tip over. With higher thresholds, I tend to drive a little slower.

Do you have the feeling that you can do more with the Mountain Drive? 

Yes, that's right, for me it could go even faster. 😊

What has been your most special experience so far?

So far I've only had positive experiences. I was recently in Bern and took public transport there. Sometimes you only have a little space and have to move slowly. But it is possible.

A report by Marcel Oertel.

Visiting Mrs Witwer in Niederscherli.

How did you find out about the wheelchair?

Through our daughter, she was having a barbecue with her family at the Stockhornsee when she saw the JST Mountain Drive. She brought us a brochure showing that there was a wheelchair that could be used to drive around the Stockensee. A short time later we rented one and said we'd give it a try. If it doesn't work, we can turn back. But it went tip-top, we could drive around the lake wonderfully. Afterwards we called Andreas Jutzeler who came to our house with a mountain drive for a demonstration.

How quickly did they get to grips with the control system?

The control itself is very easy to operate. In the beginning it was important for me that my husband accompanied me (via the steering system) as soon as there are narrow paths or it gets steep, my husband takes over the steering. 

What is your favourite route that you drive with the Mountain Drive?

We like to ride from our house up into the adjacent forest or down to the bank and linger a while. We also like to drive in the direction of Lake Murten or the Jura, and we bought a suitable trailer so that we can also make day trips.

What does this mean for them?

With the conventional wheelchair or walker, we were more tied to the house because it was impossible to drive on the paths. We have the feeling that the recovery is going better since the purchase of the Mountain Drive.

How does the environment react to the wheelchair?

People look surprised and ask what it is and how it works. They generally find it a good solution. We often get into conversations very quickly.

Do you feel safe?

Yes, I feel safe and have confidence in my husband when he takes the controls. 

Can you already tell me some experiences, special experiences?

Andrin (3.5) he has already mastered the stick, he drives like a pro and can park perfectly. He stands on the board, lies down behind on grandma's lap and steers the Mountain Drive.